Hello Lovelies.

Just some updates…

My teenagers have gone back to school. So I have plenty of time to work on Em’s Secret series which is good.

As explained in Emily’s Gems. I am making progress with the series. And it is looking good to be ready for the first book to be released in February 2020.

I am going to try and use my blog more efficiently. A newsletter will be issued next month.

On another note. Looking for two moderators to look after Emily’s Gems. As I don’t have much time to spend on the group. I want it to be fun and an entertaining book group. I already have one person who said yes. So looking for one more. Please contact me personally, if interested.

I will be in touch soon, and now it’s back to my rewrites.

Love Emily Foxx ❤😘

Important Updates!

Hello Lovelies…

How are you all? I hope May was a great month for you.

I’ve been busy with re-writes for Em’s Secret – The Promise (Book 2) and for the last two weeks. It’s been a nightmare for me. I haven’t been thinking clearly and it has affected my ability to get this done. However, I have made progress and should have the book ready for betas soon. Before I start re-writes on the third and last book. I am taking a two week break.

I haven’t forgotten to announce the winners of May’s Newsletter. It will be revealed in the next newsletter coming out June 14th. I will of course contact winners before email goes out.

For those people living in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy your summer weather, and people like myself in the southern area, keep warm!

Take care everyone.

Love Em xxoo

Welcome to new subscribers

Hello everyone, I hope this email finds you all well.

Please keep your eyes peeled out for newsletter by email. It will be sent soon.

I’m happy with the progress of my writing even though it has been slow, but I have always been honest in the fact, that family always comes first for me.

I’ve had two children who have come down twice with viral conditions, and have kept them home a lot over the past month. It’s been hard for me and hubby to see my youngest who was hit hardest with the virus. She still isn’t completely well. I am taking her to the doctors tomorrow.

I hope this week so far has been good to you.

Love Emily.

Happy Holidays

Hello Ladies,

Christmas is just around the corner. I wanted to wish you all a safe happy holidays with your loved ones.

I’m looking forward to 2019. So much is happening next year. I look forward to it.

I will announce the winner of Belle Brooks paperback, Game of Life. On January 1st.

Just a reminder if you joined to subscribe to my newsletter. Please check that you have received a email from me so you can confirm. It may be in your spam folder. If you other already done so, please ignore.

Take care, Emily Foxx xx


Once a month I am going to share a chapter. It will be available on this following link:

It was originally published back in 2016 under the title of Evelyn’s Journey: An Erotic Awakening. I was going to call it Doctor Love but I found that too corny, lol.  I’ve wanted to rewrite the story.  I felt I missed the mark the first time around.  It will be published after Em’s Secret is released. If you wish to comment on the Chapters, your feedback would be helpful. (Please note this a rough manuscript. Not edited.)