I’m a mother of three gorgeous teenagers and a supportive husband who I love and cherish. I love to read all type of books; suspense, sci-fi, crime and romantic books. And I love the great outdoors.

If it wasn’t for my support for actor Jamie Dornan, I would have not come across E. L. James, Fifty Shades books three years ago, because I would have not received an invitation from a Twitter Fifty Shades group to write, which I absolutely loved with the time I was there. It wasn’t until I wrote a story with my husband called; The Promise and The Vow, that I fell in love in writing. We wrote the story live on Twitter between November 2015 and February 2016 and blogged. And I have filed it.

I have been working for the past two years on the adaption of the story. I call the series; Em’s Secret. There are three books in all; The Beginning, The Promise and The Vow. I have completely rewritten them, and in the middle of rewrites. I hope to have the first book released February 2020.

One book, Deadly Pursuits is available on Amazon, and the other, Crystal’s Birthday Surprise. I’m looking for a free site to share the book to readers.